Bypass hall sensor e bike

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Bypass hall sensor e bike

Experienced builders have preferences for every part of their hot rod ebike, but …if you are new and you just want some advice on how to get started with components that work well enough, and are still reasonably affordable and available?

I mention the controller first, because the controller is like the sun…around which the throttle, battery, and motor will orbit. These have added features, like a 3-way power switch, cruise control, reverse, regen-braking, speedometer, and others. If you are new to ebikes? These should get you rolling, and then you can sort the other wires over time by contacting the vendor that you purchased the controller from.

If you try to mix-and-match parts?

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These are typically the easiest to identify from the rats nest of wires. Most hubmotors will have either a single cable with a bundle of wires of different sizes inside it …OR, you can see the individual wires coming out of the hollow portion of the axle. As a result, you can rotate power through three electromagnetic coil-groups six coil-group legsand only three of the six coil group wire-ends will need to exit the motor case.

This is important to understand, so you will have confidence in what I say next. You can plug-in your controller to the three fat motor phase wires in any combination that you want usually Blue, Green, Yellow …in alphabetical orderand it will not hurt anything.

From left to right…ring connectors, Anderson Power Poles APPand my favorite for ebike motorsthe common bullet connectors. Notice that when I cut them off, I left enough wire stub length to solder them onto another wire to make adapters. I have bought motors that came from the vendor with Anderson connectors for the phases, and also the common ring connectors. I also like to make the motor phase wires that are outside of the axle long enough that the connectors are inside the battery compartment or bag.

How do I By Pass the electric controller ??

However, many builders like to keep the phase wire connectors right near the motor, to make it easier to change a flat tire. Using male bullets on the motor phase wires may be a holdover from back when we had to run the connectors through the axle-nut, because the phase wires on smaller motors come through a hollow axle, and…since the axles are pretty small, the axle-nut is also pretty small.

Male bullets are smaller in diameter compared to their matching female sockets. I like my three motor phase wires to be fatter than the stock wires at least the sections that are outside the motor shelland I want the connectors to be bigger too.

That way, if the motor is running fairly warm from high amps, the external wires and connectors will not be the limiting factor. Also, since I am starting to see temp sensors installed inside the motor cases more and more these days, that means if the wires and connectors are running cooler than the motor, then the motor is the only part you need to monitor.

As a result, I have a whole bag of male and female XT90 connectors. This way, any batteries and controllers I buy in the future will all have the same connector, and I can swap them around as needed I buy pigtailed connectors, and use a simple butt-splice.

Also, this way I can easily swap-in my back-up diagnostic controller to trouble-shoot problems. Left-to-right, 4mm bullets, 4. I recommend males on the motor side, female on the controller side. If you choose a certain size of bullet connector for most of your hot rod ebikes, a cheap place to buy a whole bag of them is Hobby King. That will get you to the general area where you can click on the specific types and models that you want.

When it comes to bare male and female bullets for motor phase wire connections they currently carry 4mmthen 5. If the pins are fatter than the wire, then the connectors will always run cooler than the wires. If you make the wires and connectors outside of the motor thicker than whats inside, then applying too much continuous load would melt the solder inside the motor first, but…you can avoid that by adding a temp sensor inside, and also sizing the motor to properly fit the loads you plan to use.

Occasional temporary peaks of 50A will not damage a 4.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Guide to Hall Sensor Throttle operation, testing, and modification. This is a sticky topic. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

If there is something you'd like to add, correct, needs better explanation, or have a question about Better yet, open a new thread in the "troubleshooting " section and let everybody benefit! Please no Comments or Posts. Trying to keep it clean. Thank you! Having my newly minted Magic Pie v5 kit start jerking at a stand still like a top fuel dragster coming up to the start line with no input on the throttle. Got me instantly interested in the magical world of hall sensor throttle operation.

Also seeing owners with issues of front dead band, jerky and wheelie starts, and need to reduce top speeds or troubleshoot throttles fueled my interest more. Hopefully the following will provide useful information for you. Oh, and my problem was a bad hall sensor ground connection.

See post 44 here Information here will be mostly presented as to the way it works with the Pie, as it is what I own, maintain, and test on. But will certainly be very similar to other controllers.

The throttle has a very important role, that to make the motor go. Even more important is the function of the brake lever's E-Brake switches, and the bikes regular mechanical braking system. You must make absolutely sure that you can disable the motor electrically by the use of switches actuated by the braking levers that disable the motors electrical drive circuitry, and be able to stop the bike safely mechanically before any test rides after working on the throttle.Forums New posts Search forums.

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bypass hall sensor e bike

How do I By Pass the electric controller?? Joined Jan 20, Messages I was told by the shop guy that its possible to bypass the speed controller. How would I safely do this is what I'd like to know?? Safely being, as far as not affecting the warranty on the bike.

bypass hall sensor e bike

Safely being, how to not affect the longevity of the motor. Any input gladly taken. I've searched for the details of the bike online, but couldn't find them. I'm happy to look further inside the bikes electrics if needed. I'd rather not ask the shop guy, as he put his job on the line by telling me in the first place.

Joined Apr 6, Messages Without seeing it it s hard to say exactly what to do. Maybe someone at www. I used to want to move there. Then gut that bike and start over. Do they have watt sniffing dogs at customs? Last edited: Oct 22, You probably need to buy a new controller. He may have been talking about connecting the batteries directly to the motor, but thats not really practical.Hall sensors are in most eBike motors, but not all.

Ever heard of them and wondered what they are? They are magnetic sensors which help the controller to know what the position the motor is in as it turns, so that it can keep it turning. Read further for some more detailed info and photos.

In another post here we will talk about the practical aspects of motor control and hall sensors. But first, for those of you who are interested in physics, here is a quick blog about how hall sensors work.

The way this is done is by running an electrical current through a metal pad. This imbalance of charge can then be measured as a voltage across the pad. When the voltage is high it means there is a magnetic field nearby, when the voltage is low there is no magnetic field.

Well, as will be discussed in the next blog how does hall effect motor control workto control an ebike motor the controller needs to know the position of the motor at every point in time so that it can keep pushing it round.

bypass hall sensor e bike

It works out the motor position from the signals coming back from the hall sensors usually 3 of them. When the signal from the hall sensor is high that means that one of the motor magnets is going right past it, when the signal is low that means the motor magnet has already gone past.

August 2, Motors Technical. How does it work? Hall sensors are a type of magnetic sensor — they detect the presence of a magnetic field. Hall sensors inside a motor. So how is this used exactly in an eBike motor? So there you have it — a simple explanation as to what a hall sensor actually is.

Read our next blog for more information about how they are used in practice to make motors turn. Shop by brand.Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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NoS URB-E - MODS: Phase \u0026 Hall Sensor Wiring

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Running without Hall sensors. Thread starter Alimages Start date Sep 8, Alimages Pedelecer. Jul 8, 35 4. I've been experimenting with the wiring and I've noticed that the motor seems to run fine without the Hall Sensor wires being connected. Is there any reason that I need to connect them if it's all running OK? Or is it likely to cause long term damage? I just like to keep things as simple as possible. Can anyone shed some light? I'm assuming that the controller I've got is equally capable of running with sensors or Sensorless?

As you can probably guess, there aren't any decent instructions with the kit. NRG Esteemed Pedelecer. Oct 6, 2, No and no Some motors have the hall sensors and are used for positional feedback to the controller, the benefit is smoother startup and depending on application more power. However, hall sensored motors can be used with no hall controllers without ill effect.

Some controllers are compatible with both types of motor so if its running now you will be fine. Scottyf Esteemed Pedelecer. Feb 2, 1, By the sounds of it you have the option of running sensor or sensorless.The preparation ensured our holiday went really smoothly.

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DIY Garage; Connectors for Halls, Throttle, and Motor

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bypass hall sensor e bike

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