Dodge ram brake light stays on

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Dodge ram brake light stays on

Modern vehicles have what is known as an anti-lock braking system. The purpose of this system is to keep the driver safe by preventing the wheels from locking up as you apply the brakes. In addition, there is a warning light on the dashboard which will illuminate if there is any sort of problem with the anti-lock braking system. This is a light that you need to take seriously because it is an early warning sign that your braking system needs to be inspected right away.

There are many causes which could make an ABS light come on. There could also be a problem with other sensors or components that it communicates with as well. The brake fluid has a lot to do with controlling the braking pressure within an anti-lock braking system. There is a brake fluid reservoir which holds the fluid of the anti-lock braking system. Sometimes there could be a leak from this reservoir which will cause the fluid levels to drop.

Either that or excessive amounts of air may exist within the system. This information then gets transmitted to the anti-lock braking system. If it turns out that at least one of the wheels is moving too slowly, the anti-lock braking system will increase the pressure of the brake fluid to allow the wheel to move at a normal speed.

But if there is a problem with the speed sensor, the anti-lock braking system will detect that and cause the warning light to illuminate on the dashboard. The module of the anti-lock braking system can form corrosion after a while.

This is actually one of the most common reasons for why there ends up being a problem with the anti-lock braking system.

5 Causes of an ABS Light to Come On (and What to Do)

As a result, the ABS light illuminates on the dashboard. But you will need to replace the module after this happens. Some vehicles will perform what is known as a bulb check on the dashboard. These lights will usually turn off by themselves after a certain amount of time. In some instances, there may be a glitch in the bulb check which keeps the ABS warning light illuminated after the bulb check is completed. If there is one wheel of a vehicle that moves at a different speed than the other wheels, the wheel speed sensor detects this and then notifies the anti-lock braking system.

Once this happens, the system will activate the hydraulic pump to increase the amount of brake fluid pressure.

brake lights stay on when ignition switch is on

Unfortunately, hydraulic pumps tend to get worn out after years of using them. That means if you need to step on the brake pedal quickly to stop your vehicle, then it might not stop as fast as you want it to. As a result, you could end up in a serious car accident. This is particularly important if the road is slippery or wet. There are different reasons for why the car ABS light would come on. The main reason is from simply turning on your vehicle. After you put your key in the ignition and turn it on, the computer does a test on the anti-lock braking system to ensure it is functioning normally.When the ignition is turned off, the brake lights work as they are supposed to.

The third brake light works as it is supposed to all the time no matter the switch position. This will happen for a day or two then everything will go back to working for a day or two like it is supposed to then it will mess up again. I replaced the brake switch thinking that may fix it and saw no difference.

I am thinking this problem is the PCM but I would like confirmation. If it is the PCM, does this have to go to the dealership to be programmed after install or can I just plug it in and go?

Do you. The fault is in one of two places: the instrument cluster, or the PCM. The brake lights run through both of them. The only component that both the brake switch and the cruise control run through is the PCM. By reasonable deduction, I would say it is the PCM.

Was this answer. However, the Tail Stop Lights work correctly as well with the iginition off. When the iginition is turned to run is when the stop lights come on and stay on. Does this supply circuit go through the instrument cluster after the brake switch or before? Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. This Schematic runs all different directions. Probe pin 14 on the PCM with the ignition off and then on and let me know if there is power coming from there.

If not, it's the PCM, if so, I will need to dig farther. Ok, I had to go out of the country and decided to leave the truck with the dealer. Go out this morning to head into the office and decided just to take and peak. Brake lights are on again. Ok, it sounds like the dealer went the "obvious" route instead of taking the time to really pinpoint test this thing. Try probing the pins I mentioned on March 31 and let me know the result.

The truck was back at the dealer during the time I posted my last response. They swapped out a PCM from another truck with the same options as mine and had the same problem. They couldn't get it to fail. I drove about 10 miles away to go have dinner with the family, parked the truck to go in and decided to turn the ignition switch back on and check.

Brake lights back on. Took it back to the dealer and received a call an hourt later rambling about how the brake switch does this and brake switch does that, he put a new brake switch in and he says it is fixed. The problem is, I pulled the old switch out and ohmed it and it seemed to be fine.

I replaced it anyway, the dealership pulled one from another vehicle just to check and now he has replaced it again with a switch that he says Dodge has revised and the old switch must have a problem. I am very suspect about their hypothesis and also the professionalism and training of the staff at this dealer. The problem is, after the problems Chrysler had a few years ago and all the dealer closures, this is my local dealer option.

I really don;t think they fixed my problem and am probably going to go pick it up only to send it right back.My abs and brake light won't turn off and my speedometer doesn't work. I replaced the rear sensor, checked all the fuses and made sure the wiring harness wasn't broken. Lights still won't turn off and speedo still doesn't work. Unhooked the battery to try and reset the computer but that doesn't work. Guru9FSV8 answered 3 years ago. If you replaced a wheel sensor and the light did not go off a few things: is the reluctor ring all intact and not missing teeth and clean?

Did you test the wire from the ABS module to the start of the sensor? Not the new sensor wire but where it plugs in up to computer? Is the spacing from the sensor tip to the reluctor ring in tolerance? I learned quick about ABS systems. HustonBrady answered 3 years ago. There currently isn't showing any codes. Before I changed the sensor it was showing p Now it's not. No I didn't not test the wire. Is the abs module behind the battery?

I heard water can get stuck in there sometimes. Swear up and down there's no codes. Took it to oreillys and used their code reader and also did a self check on the truck and saw no codes. Have you hooked up a scanner and done live data on all 4 wheels to see if they are all reading and similar speeds? Oh ya. Already watched that video. First how to video I've ever watched without anyone talking during the entire video.

Did you check the fuse that was in the video to see if it was good and that it had power to the slot? Ya fuse is fine. I did however fail to see if power was running to the fuse. May have to check the wire under the fuse box to see if it's corroded.

Did you see on the video where his wire was disconnected at what looked like the firewall? In that pigtail. Test for the wire under the box like he did with a test light.Dodge Ram owners have reported 9 problems related to brake light under the exterior lighting category.

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The most recently reported issues are listed below. Dodge Rambrake lights stay continuously on without pressing the brake pedal. This happened while being stationary. See all problems of the Dodge Ram Left rear brake light was going out intermittently, the "lamp out" light was illuminating on and off as if the bulb was going between working and not working. Changed the light bulb with the recommended bulb but it didnt fix the problem.

Changed the bulb holder but still didnt fix the issues. Checked the fuse but it was good. Finally went under the rear to check if the wiring harness was loose and saw the wires for the rear lamp was pinched against the frame of the vehicle and the wire for the brake lamp was cut.

There was really no give to the wiring harness; it was pulled extremely tight. Vehicle has never had any issues and nothing electrical has ever been touched before. The right tail lamp is working fine but the harness for that side was not checked.

All wiring is original from factory. Vehicle was bought new from a Dodge dealership and we have been the only owners. We feel this is a safety concern if the brake lamps are not working all the time. Woke up to a rain filled day. I went out to my truck and entered the vehicle. I looked in the rear before backing up. I noticed that my head liner was soaking wet on both corners of the c post. I put my truck into park and checked the rear of my cab.

Not only was my roof liner wet but, the rear seat and floor was fully wet.

Dodge Ram ABS, Brake Light \u0026 Speedometer Fix! (EASY)

The water kept coming in throughout the day even when I was driving. The next day I got it checked. I found out the third brake light seal was not working properly. This has now happened to me 5 times in the last 2 years. I have only had this truck for 2yrs 3 months. I am unaware if my seats or carpet have mold or mildew do to this water damage.

Please help as I do not want to have a rust or mold in my truck.

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The contact owns a Dodge Ram The contact stated that the tail, license plate lights, and brake lights were inoperable. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who informed him that the fuse box was defective.

The manufacturer informed the contact that the part was on back order and it would take thirty days for it to be received.

2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Brake Lights Stay On

The vehicle was not repaired.Tell us when to meet you at your home or office. Continue with your day while our mechanic fixes your car onsite. You pay only after the job is done. While your primary braking system is used to slow and stop the vehicle during driving, the parking brake is designed to be used, well, when you park. By engaging the parking brake, you are able to take the load off your transmission, avoiding damage and also ensuring that your vehicle is securely parked when on an incline.

The Parking Brake light should turn on when you engage the brake, and turn off when the brake is disengaged. However, if the Parking Brake light stays on, there may be one of several problems with the system. Your parking brake system is a supplemental safety system designed to help secure your car when parking on an incline, as well as to prevent unnecessary loading of the transmission.

However, the Parking Brake light is actually a multifunctional indicator. It turns on when you pull the parking brake handle to warn you that the brake is engaged when starting the car. When you pull the handle, a cable engages the brake, which is located in the rear of the vehicle. There is also a switch that is responsible for sensing the brake being engaged, and then turning on the light in your dash.

However, it is also designed to illuminate in several other situations, several of which have little to no connection with the parking brake itself. Bad Switch: One common reason for the Parking Brake light to stay on is a failing or failed switch. This can be checked easily by jiggling the handle after it is down.

dodge ram brake light stays on

If the light turns off or turns off and then back onthe switch is the most likely culprit and will need to be replaced. Brake Handle Not Completely Lowered: Another reason for the light to stay on is if the brake handle is not completely lowered. Double-check that the handle is all the way down and that the parking brake is disengaged.

Any pressure on the parking brake cable will cause the light to stay on. If the brake does not disengage when the handle is lowered, the warning light will stay on in the dash.

dodge ram brake light stays on

Low Brake Fluid: Your Parking Brake light is a multifunction device, and is designed to illuminate if the fluid level in the reservoir drops below a certain point. You may notice the light turning on or off when going around turns as the fluid level changes. Bad Level Sensor: Your master cylinder is equipped with a brake fluid level sensor.

If the sensor fails or is going bad, the Parking Brake light will turn on.When you compressed the piston into the caliper bore, you pressed it in all the way. In fact, it usually takes full pedal pumps to move the piston out far enough to contact the backing plate so it can apply braking pressure.

Most cars and trucks are designed as a diagonally split system. So master cylinder is split into two circuits; one for the front left and right rear brakes and a second circuit for the front right and left rear brakes.

This design is for safety reasons to still provide braking in the event one circuit fails. However, car and truck makers also have to factor in the different pressures needed for front versus rear braking and the differences in pressures for disc versus drum brakes.

Metering valve: Allows brake fluid flow to rear drum brakes before providing pressure to the disc brakes. This is done because the shoes in a drum brake system must travel farther and require more fluid movement to activate than is required in a disc brake.

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Having the rear brakes apply first provides stability during braking and helps keep the car traveling in a straight line. Proportioning valve: As you brake, the front end of the vehicle tends to dip, while the rear tends to lift up. The amount of body weight shift and rear body lift is directly proportional to vehicle weight and load.

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The proportioning valve applies more pressure to the rear brakes to counteract body lift. The valve is often attached mechanically to the vehicle body by a rod. As the rear body lifts, the rod moves a piston in the proportioning valve to apply more pressure and reduce the lift. Pressure differential switch: The differential switch is designed to prevent large fluid loss in case of a line leak or break.

dodge ram brake light stays on

If one part of the fluid circuit breaks, a tapered pin is forced off center to close off the leaking circuit. As the same time, the tapered pin completes an electrical circuit to light the BRAKE warning light on your dash.

This alerts you to a potentially serious brake fluid issue. Release the pedal and re-apply several times until you get a firm pedal.

If you skipped the pedal apply step and now have a brake light on after brake job, simply shut off the engine and perform it now. The switch is located in different places on every vehicle. They include wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins.

In most cases, their diagrams are right from the factory manuals. Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations. However, Alldatadiy.

If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy. Find this article useful?

Brake & ABS Lights Are On

Share it! Categories Brakes. Tags brake light on after brake job.My speedo was fine. The problem ended up being the ABS control pump and module in the engine left side compartment. This unit is packaged together, pump and module next to each other.

Either the module wasn't sending the right signals to the ABS pump or one of the pump solenoids 2 of them, Isolation and dump solenoid weren't working properly. Before you replace this unit, bleed the old ABS pump as you would brakes by loosening the output brake line, to the rear wheels, on the pump after someone pumps and holds the brake down as you do when bleeding brake lines.

This may do the trick as air can affect the pump as it does the brakes. May save you money. Just surprised you can find a picture of it on-line anywhere!!! You have to buy the books to own when all you need is a simple diagram or picture of where on the truck it is!!! One web site wanted me to sent them up to Simple fix if you know what it is. Take it to the dealer and they will charge you an arm and a leg, maybe even a head.

Just hope that the tech that looks at it is not in training or it may be a long wait. Autozone has code scanners for the check engine light. No one has a code scanner for the brakes. You should be able to download a program from the vehicle maker to your lap top and via USB connect to your OBD port for codes. Just another way the man get's to sock it to you. You get free updates from Microsoft, why not Ford, Dodge, Chevy Everything OK when pulled into gararge. Have not fixed. Tried new sensor for speedometer did not fix.

Went bad sitting??? I replaced the speed sensor, and bleed the equliver warning switch block along with the brake calipers. I did rebuild the brake calipers about 3 months before the light started coming on but the 2 don't seem to be related. Sometimes the lights come on when I shift into 2nd manual and other times it is when I hit a bump or step on the brakes after driving for a long time.

Nothing makes since as far as the symptoms. When the lights start to come on they will reset when I restart the truck and then the lights come on again.

I actually drive down the highway restarting the truck. Sometimes the lights don't come on for days and I think it fixed itself but no I took it to the dealership and it didn't do anything for them. I did reset the code history but that didn't do anything either. It eventually failed totally and as a result the cruse control and odometer no longer worked.

At first I replaced the vehicle speed sensor on the Transmission housing. No luck with that. I then found this sight on the internet and saw the same symptoms displayed here. Bought the ABS speed sensor at a local parts house and replaced it. Problem solved. Speedometer not working. The local auto parts store kept trying to tell me it was the sensor in the transmission; they were wrong.


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