Sasuke helps naruto fanfiction

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Sasuke helps naruto fanfiction

He was wearing a dark gray cloak with a hood that covered his eyes. There were three more strangers behind them each wearing a cloak of their own. One was a woman while the others were men, one big and one small. You could see their faces more clearly than the man in front of them, who was clearly their leader. Sasuke was about to tell them to shut up when two Konoha Jonin walked up to them. He walked over passed the Jonin. The other 3 followed behind him.

The concious Jonin ran to ring the warning bell. As the bell sounded, Sasuke smirked. He knew that it was too late and that they would not get caught in time. The landed on a tree near the Hokage tower and Sasuke decided to use Chidori to break through a wall.

The four of them stood as dust cleared around them. He did not like being compared to them especially since Itachi was a member. Where is Naruto?

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Then she smiled and lunged at Sasuke. Sasuke dodged Tsunade's punch which created a huge hole in the floor. What do you even want with him? Tsunade didn't know what to say. She knew the brat in front of her had defeated and killed her ex-teammate Orochimaru.

She knew that the kid was strong and would give her a run for her money.

Team 7 reunited - Sasuke and edo Hokages join the war (English Sub)

She also had no clue who the three people were behind him.Thankfully for Sasuke, his brother had kept his word and not referenced a certain incident to anyone else.

Kami help him if any of his family members found out, or worse, his knucklehead best friend. While Naruto had gotten over his crush on Sakura years ago, he considered her to be like the little sister he never had.

In other words, he would be pissed if he had found out what Sasuke was doing to his precious, innocent Sakura-chan. In Sasuke's opinion, Naruto was even more protective of Sakura than he was, which was saying something.

Thus, during his lunch with Sakura, following their midnight rendez-vous at her apartment, they had agreed to keep their relationship under wraps until Itachi's wedding. Between the upcoming wedding, preparing to become police-chief, and navigating his change in relationship status, Sasuke didn't want to deal with Naruto's inevitable temper tantrum.

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This way both he and Sakura could focus on their current duties without nosy questions and weird glances, and they could let most of their friends and family know about their relationship at one time. The timing and method seemed to work well, in theory. It didn't stop Naruto from bugging Sasuke during their spar about a certain pink-haired teammate.

In response, Sasuke rolled his eyes and flung a few kunai towards his sparring partner which the blond effortlessly dodged. She definitely doesn't have a date, and I know you don't either," Naruto added.

He charged at Sasuke with some punches and kicks. Like hell it wasn't his business. If Naruto didn't push Sasuke towards Sakura, Sasuke would end up a cranky old man living alone for the rest of his life. Sasuke flipped over Naruto and unleashed his signature Lion's Barrage.

It may be an old move, but the classics were the best in his opinion. Naruto's arms shielded his face in defense. He tried to grab Sasuke's foot while Sasuke tried to continue executing his move.

Neither were successful and jumped apart. Panting, Naruto looked straight in the eyes and decided to give his emotionally inept friend a piece of his mind.

She's been waiting for you to get your head out of your ass for years and make a move! She won't wait forever," the jinchuriki contended. Sasuke's frowned at the blond's words.

He knew that, and it was exactly why Sasuke had made things official with Sakura and planned to make their relationship public in the near future. Sasuke smirked at his sparring partner and turned around to leave. Before Naruto could protest, Sasuke teleported himself home.

sasuke helps naruto fanfiction

It was so typical of Sasuke to teleport away when faced with an uncomfortable topic. Oh well, Naruto gave it his best try to push Sasuke to Sakura in this instance.

There was always the wedding, and Naruto could possibly use Shisui to make Sasuke even more jealous. After successfully evading Naruto's interrogation, Sasuke let out an audible sign as he appeared in front of his house. He slid open the shoji door, and his senses were instantly invaded by the scent of his mother's cooking.

Fugaku came home for lunch most days, so Mikoto would prepare something for him. However, Sasuke or Itachi would occasionally join them when they weren't on missions. Thankfully, today was one of those days. Mikoto's food never failed to satisfy Sasuke.

He entered the house and headed towards the kitchen. His mother was grilling some vegetables in a pan while his father sat at the table going over some case files. I'm almost done preparing lunch, so please sit down and relax," Mikoto said with a smile.

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sasuke helps naruto fanfiction

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Naruto isn't the ordinary boy. He struggles through his life, trying to pass his classes and find love. Then one day he meets Sasuke, but is he finally ready to have a taste of real love or will his secrets and insecurities be too much and tear them apart. This is going to be an unusual story, look inside for more information. Sasuke's hand came up to cup his neck, then slid up over the sensitive shell of his ear, into his hair and then over his closed eye, tracing back down the side of his face with all of his fingertips.

As if he were blind and had gone his whole life wondering what Naruto looked like. Stupido stupido stupido! Era riuscito ad ottenere solo di costringerlo a dirgli brutalmente come stavano le cose.

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Sasuke aveva ragione. Tra loro … tra loro …. Sasuke only wanted a nice quiet night at the theater, but a certain blond athlete showed up and put on an entirely different kind of show. Was it just a freak incident, or could there be something more to it?

Sasuke is married to Sakura, but he isn't happy with his marriage at all. Sakura is making his life a living hell, so he decides to leave. On his way he runs into Naruto, his crush from high school years. What will happen next? Naruto is addicted to the internet with the focus on… Fanfiction.

Here he finds an author with amazingly written works and after the first review was sent, their relationship blossoms. But will it survive when Naruto finds out Sasuke lives in another country? He eases back into the chair, scooting away just a tiny bit as suspicion washes over him.Konoho was surprised when Naruto had told them what had happened. When the sound ninja's attacked team 7 while they had been traveling in the forest, team seven had immediately put up their best defense, but a kunai in Naruto's kneecap had crippled him and he lay there in pain as Sakura was knocked out.

Sasuke had then activated his Sharigan and attacked the Sound ninja's. He had been given a thorough beating but he didn't back down, finally when the Sound ninjas retreated, Sasuke collapsed, sitting down he took a deep breath and got up.

He checked on Sakura and then walked up to Naruto. Sasuke chose to ignore him and with a twist, pulled it free. Naruto screamed out in rage and pain and carried on calling him every name under the sun as Sasuke wrapped him up with banadages and cleared up the blood. He then swung Sakura over his shoulders and wrapped an arm around Naruto and helped him to his feet.

Then they began to walki. It was roughly 50 miles back to the Konoho village. At some point Naruto lost consiousness and awoke later to find himself strapped on Sasuke's back and Saukra cradled in Sasuke's arms as he walked. Twisting his head he notices a trail of bloody footprints. Sasuk's feet are bleeding. Naruto falls asleep again and awakens when he feels someone lifting him. He opens his eyes to see he is inside the village, next to the entrance gate. Gai is picking him up and gives him a wide smile.

The Hokage is has Sakura and Gai is carrying him to the hospital but he manages to see Sasuke slip into the shadows. He awakens to see the Hokage next to him and Kakashi as well.

Kakashi put his hands in his pockets, one thing I have learnt about Sasuke, is that Sasuke is always fine. Sasuke wasn't at home, nor anywhere in the hospital. Kakashi finally found hin in the training compound. He observed him for awhile, it dint look like he had changed yet. Sasuke froze and without turning, sasi, "Can I help you? Kakashi jumped from the tree he had been occupying and casually walked over, "More like can I help you?

But it came out as more of a statement. Kakashi bent low, brushing a hand against the dirt where Sasuke had been standing. He held his fingers up, a mixture of dirt and blood evident. Sasuke blushed and went to the target and grabbed his kunai. Kakashi begaon following Sasuke, about two feet behimd. Sasuke turned sharply, "you said you were going to your house, it's the opposite direction.

Sasuke dodged into a shop, Kakashi followed him. He tried sneaking out the back, Kakashi was in the alley. Exasperated, Sasuke leaned against the wall, trying to stop his spinning vision. You do have skill, but instead of being healed or going home and resting, you go bavk and train.Summary: The war is over, and Sasuke is brought back to the village after his defeat by Naruto.

sasuke helps naruto fanfiction

But he is struggling to re-assimilate into the village. As his mental stability continues to erode, Tsunade and Kakashi ask Naruto to try a different treatment method. Naruto x Sasuke Yaoi - boy x boy. Post manga chapter Warning: This story has been reported, so explicit content has been removed to meet FF's terms of service. If you want to read the unedited version, please see my profile at Ao3 dot org just search under Kizukatana and you will find it. I will mark the chapters that have been edited.

Additional warnings for language, angst, mental illness, substance abusemasturbation, eventual sex. Not appropriate for young readers. Disclaimer - As with everything I write on this site, I don't own the characters Kishimoto doesand I make no money. My only payment is in reviews. Author's note - As a warning, this is Canon! Which means he is mentally unstable, and not warm and fuzzy. Not sexually experienced.

Totally emotionally jacked up. That is what we have here. Naruto sat in the Hokage's office, looking blankly between the large-breasted blond and his former sensei. He had just returned from a six week mission, and he was exhausted.

So he told himself that he must be hearing this wrong. Surely his Kakashi and the Old Hag weren't actually asking him to Why not Sakura? Tsunade cleared her through and glanced down slightly. But even when he's Not to mention the sharingan. He is simply too dangerous for anyone else to handle. Naruto narrowed his eyes. He could tell when the Old Hag was trying to gloss over something.

Especially when it came to Sakura. Kakashi shrugged. Broke her arm. Then put her into a genjutsu that she was being buried alive in a pit of snakes for three days. Naruto blinked. That sounded thorough, though he supposed it could have been much worse.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Gaara just wanted a chance to find her feet. It was a new city, a new start. But things in her life have a way of turning awry. Bound to a mysterious demon as its contractor, destined to fight against the forces of a dark god invading their land, she finds herself on a collision path with a very powerful contractor — Uchiha Madara. Not all is as it seems though, and enemies have a habit of lurking in places unseen. Absolutely none of them are finished.

Everyone has secrets. Maybe he did it because he was bored. His friends were all busy with their lives and Sasuke had left Konoha again. Maybe he had needed something exiting into his frustratingly peaceful life. It was just a little secret in his otherwise satisfying life.

But somehow that led Naruto into a situation he had never thought he could be in. Even if other people may have been expecting it for quite some time. Hoping for it, even. They paused in the large intersection before the towering gates. It was crowded, people passing them every second, but neither noticed. Por sorte ele estava errado. Sasuke has only known life as the Prince's concubine-slave until he comes across an injured child-one of the savage momadi. Now he must escape the empire with the child in tow to keep the kingdom from falling into a deadly civil war.

But will the beastly momadi warlord pardon him or is Sasuke running toward his own demise? Neji thought he had left a certain irritating phantom behind him in Konoha when he left for his home again, but sometimes destiny has a way of following us, even when it should be impossible.

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As he must face his burgeoning relationship with Shikamaru head on, he also has to deal with his younger cousin Hinata and the expectations placed in front of them by their family while balancing his double life as a jazz musician.

And if that wasn't already enough, he has to figure out what to do about the growing Akatsuki threat he and Sasuke left at large after their last confrontation. Reposted from FF. Edited and reworked but not rewritten. This story is completed and will upload every day until complete.

In a dystopian world, Sasuke has lost the will to fight on, however, Naruto is determined to keep his best friend alive anyway he can. But one tired night on suicide watch, Naruto is forced to face the truth of his full attraction to Sasuke. Naruto appeared with a soft landing and began walking toward the duo. Sasuki spared him a glance and a smirk before returning her gaze to Sakura.

Sakura felt a fire boil in her belly, stretching through her limbs and engulfing her neck and face, but the raven-haired girl already set off to meet Naruto halfway. Naruto likes to relax after a long day the old fashioned way: by hiring a prostitute. Kakashi's prostitution service usually does wonders to relax him, until Kakashi sends Sasuke his way.Wanting to make his brother happy by easing along the Senju-Uchiha alliance, Tobirama offers to retire and marry Madara.

Tobirama has no real experience as far as sex goes child soldier, strict parent, unusual appearance, no super social with adults, etcso he does what Tobirama does best and researches sex acts. Tobi offers himself up to Madara to do whatever he wants with, having read up on every sex act that he could find. He wants this marriage to work out very badly, so he keeps coming up with ideas and seals that could make things better for Madara:. They are distributed as follows:.

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