We are seven poem questions and answers

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We are seven poem questions and answers

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I met a little cottage Girl: She was eight years old, she said; Her hair was thick with many a curl That clustered round her head. She had a rustic, woodland air, And she was wildly clad: Her eyes were fair, and very fair; —Her beauty made me glad.

I pray you tell. I pray you tell, Sweet Maid, how this may be. Their spirits are in heaven! That's a nice description of how the speaker not Wordsworth perceives the child. Like the speaker, you describe her response as refusing to acknowledge something patently obvious. Why do you think Wordsworth did that? He prefaced Lyrical Balladswhich included this ballad, with a description of the wisdom of the rural people.

Because they live close to nature, Wordsworth claimed, their perceptions are shaped by nature and its rhythms and processes. He believed human nature is itself molded by the natural world.

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By contrast, educated urban residents are surrounded by an artificial environment and they have lost touch with the natural world and with human nature itself. By studying rural people and their feelings, he believed, we can find the natural feelings we have lost touch with.

We Are Seven - Poem by William Wordsworth

His poetry seeks to teach us how to find the human nature we have lost because of our artificial lives. In that light, the child's insistence on including her dead siblings as continuing members of the family makes more sense.

Death in nature is a seasonal affair, with flowers dying in Autumn only to reappear in Spring. Death is less the actual end of something than a phase in a cyclical process.

And the child knows this. If you think about the poem as a commentary on the speaker, rather than the child, it is saying something about his limitations. Why is he so resistant to her perspective? Why so determined to teach her about his own, more artificial view of mortality as something final?It describes a discussion between an adult poetic speaker and a "little cottage girl" about the number of brothers and sisters who dwell with her.

The poem turns on the question of whether to account two dead siblings as part of the family. Wordsworth claimed that the idea for We are Seven came to him while travelling alone across England in October after becoming separated from his friend, William Calvert.

This solitude with nature he claimed encouraged him to reach a deeper understanding where the experience was no longer just for pleasure, as it was in his earlier days, but also hinted at a darker side. Although there is no documentation on what the little girl actually told him during their conversation, she interested Wordsworth to such an extent that he wrote: [2]. I have only to add that in the spring of I revisited Goodrich Castle, not having seen that part of the Wye since I met the little Girl there in It would have given me greater pleasure to have found in the neighbouring hamlet traces of one who had interested me so much; but it was impossible, as unfortunately I did not even know her name.

Wordsworth began to write the poem in early while working on many other poems modelled on the ballad form for a joint poetry collection with Samuel Coleridge. The collection was proposed in March because Wordsworth needed to raise money for a proposed journey to Germany with Coleridge. My friends will not deem it too trifling to relate that while walking to and fro I composed the last stanza first, having begun with the last line.

When it was all but finished, I came in and recited it to Mr. Coleridge and my Sister, and said, 'A prefatory stanza must be added, and I should sit down to our little tea-meal with greater pleasure if my task were finished. I objected to the rhyme, 'dear brother Jim,' as being ludicrous, but we all enjoyed the joke of hitching-in our friend, James T —'s name, who was familiarly called Jim.

He was brother of the dramatist, and this reminds me of an anecdote which it may be worth while here to notice. The said Jem got a sight of the Lyrical Ballads as it was going through the press at Bristol, during which time I was residing in that city. One evening he came to me with a grave face, and said, 'Wordsworth, I have seen the volume that Coleridge and you are about to publish. There is one poem in it which I earnestly entrate you will cancel, for, if published, it will make you ever lastingly ridiculous.

He said, 'It is called "We are seven. The collection, including We are Sevenwas accepted by Joseph Cottle in May and was soon after published anonymously. Some guidebooks and locals in the city of ConwyWales, claim Wordsworth was inspired to write the poem after seeing a gravestone in St Mary and All Saints Church; this gravestone is marked "We are Seven. The poem is a dialogue between a narrator who serves as a questioner and a little girl, with part of the evolving first stanza contributed by Coleridge.

He questions her further, asking where they are, and she simply responds that two are in Wales, two are at sea, and two are buried in a churchyard near her home. He is confused by her answer and asks:. Ownership of the poem is in the public domain and the full text can be found on wikisource. In his preface to Lyrical BalladsWordsworth wrote that the poems exhibit a "power of real and substantial action and suffering" and, in particular to We are Sevento express "the perplexity and obscurity which in childhood attend our notion of death, or rather our utter inability to admit that notion".

The little girl in the poem is unable to realise that she is separated from her dead siblings. She is unable to understand death, and she is forever in an imaginative state of being, and nature is interfering to keep the girl from understanding her separation from her siblings.

Wolfson emphasised the reducing tone of the questioner, which allows the girl to articulate a more Romantic view of presence. More recent scholarship, however, focuses on the sociological context for the poem, written the same year that Thomas Malthus 's An Essay on the Principle of Population was published. Frances Ferguson argues that the poem stages a debate about personification in language.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from We are Seven. Retrieved 2 March William Wordsworth. Early life Lake Poets. The Excursion The Prelude. Guide to the Lakes.

we are seven poem questions and answers

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Multiple choice questions on William Wordsworth. Important timeline of his life and publication details of works are also thoroughly examined in detail. I recommend you to go through the Wikipedia article on William Wordsworth before attempting this quiz. The link to Wikipedia is given at the bottom of the page. More questions on William Wordsworth will be added in to this quiz periodically.

Questions from all the works of William Wordsworth will be added in to this quiz. Please check back this page often to get new questions on William Wordsworth.

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A B C D Question 9 In which magazine, in the yearthat William Wordsworth made his debut as a writer by publishing a sonnet?

We Are Seven Themes

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Your answers are highlighted below. Question 1. When was William Wordsworth appointed poet laureate?I met a little cottage Girl: She was eight years old, she said; Her hair was thick with many a curl That clustered round her head.

She had a rustic, woodland air, And she was wildly clad: Her eyes were fair, and very fair; --Her beauty made me glad. Seven in all," she said And wondering looked at me.

I pray you tell. Their spirits are in heaven! Without doubt, this a genius poem. Language simple, message complex. For me, it provoked reflection on my relationship with my lost family members. This poem offers hope and solace to those who have experienced dark days. Simple, excellent, inspiring, touching, emotional and insightful, this poem has it all. Report Reply. I have read it several times. Such a beautiful poem, it literally makes me weep. The man is clearly endeared by the small girl.

It paints such a beautiful image. A magically crafted narrative Report Reply.

We Are Seven by William Wordsworth

I absolutely love this poem. I read it at school and i liked it right away, its very memorable and I like the story it tells. Definately on my favorite poem list! I beleave this poem is about holding on to the one you love even after they stop breathing. THe little girl is still close to her brother and sister. This is my favourite wordsworth poem, it's so powerful and moving. I showed it to one of my friends who'd lost a loved one and he thought the same as well. I got a book of Wordsworth when I was This was the first poem in the book.

I cried. It has remained my absolute favorate ever since. Almost 30 years later it can still make me cry. The innocense, the since of never losing a loved one because they are still there, in heart, soul and mind. This poem never diminishes its power. I cry when I read this. I can imagine this child telling somebody about her brothers and sister.

Share this poem:. Autoplay next video.In his poem "London, " Wordsworth writes that humanity had lost its virtues and morality. He asks the deceased poet John Milton to come back and teach the world how to live. What do you think Wordsworth would write if he saw the way people live today? Discuss the power of memory in Wordsworth's poetry.

How does Wordsworth use memory to make him happy? Use specific details from Wordsworth's poems to support your arguments. In what ways is nature like a religion for Wordsworth? Use examples from Wordsworth's poems to support your argument. You may also choose to include details from Wordsworth's biography. How did Wordsworth's life affect his writing?


You may want to discuss his parents' deaths, his relationship with his sister, his daughter in France, his life in the Lake District, or his relationship with Samuel Coleridge. Make specific connections between Wordsworth's works and biography.

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How does the speaker in "Ode; Intimations of Immortality" change between the first stanza and the last stanza? Chart how the change occurs using specific details from the poem. Why do you think this change takes place? In "I wandered lonely as a cloud" Wordsworth gains a beautiful memory to take with him and make him happy when he is away from nature.

Do you have a memory of a time, place or event that makes you happy when other things in your life aren't going well? Describe it, and then compare your experience of memory with Wordsworth's. What is he saying about maturity? Use specific details from the poem to support your arguments. Who understand death better in "We are Seven": the little girl who has lost two siblings, or the speaker?

Support your argument with specific details from the poem. In "The Tables Turned" Wordsworth tells his friend to put his books away and go outside to be a part of nature.

Do you think that this is good advice? Why or why not? Use details from several of Wordsworth's poems to support your claim. How does Wordsworth use form, rhyme scheme and meter to convey meaning?

we are seven poem questions and answers

Choose two or three poems that use different forms to discuss how structure can contribute to the meaning of a poem. What is the under meaning of daffodils.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Sorry to be such a downer, nerds, but at its heart "We Are Seven" is all about death. More specifically, it's about the death of children. Got those tissues ready? The cool thing about the poem, though, is that it asks more questions than it answers about the good ol' Grim Reaper.

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By offering two very different perspectives on death, it refuses to tell us what death means. Instead, it presents us with the only two hard facts about death: first, death's coming for all of us in the end, and second, there are just as many legit views on the meaning of death as there are ways to die. We have a tie, gang. Wordsworth sees the validity in both characters' views on death.

Not so fast—Wordsworth gives the little girl the final say in the poem, thus he endorses her perspective. Youth: is it a blessing or a curse? Or is there a sort of wisdom in youth? Throughout the poem, the young girl clings to her beliefs, even as the speaker tries to undo them with adult logic. The girl has a kind of stubbornness and perseverance that only the young can have, and it's up to us to decide whether her strong will is a mark of the near-sightedness of youth, or whether it is something to admire or even emulate.

The poem suggests that there is a deep wisdom in youth that cannot be emulated by adults. Nice try, old timers. The poem isn't making a grand statement about youth.

It's just telling one particular story about one particular girl and two particular dead siblings.

we are seven poem questions and answers

We are fam-ily. Or, as Wordsworth's puts it: "we are seven. How do we define the sorts of blood relationships that so often define us? Wordsworth's poem asks this and many other questions, but most importantly, it asks if our family relationships hold strong even after death.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Picture a stereotypical poet. Got it? Now, we have an idea of who you're picturing: a long-limbed, middle-aged dude, strolling the English countryside, thinking deep thoughts about the meaning of life and death, nature, and humankind.

What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of death? He ponders until night falls. Actually, this poet is not just a figment of your imagination. Wordsworth's poems—along with his very idea of what poems should be like—have largely defined what poetry means to us today.

Wordsworth was a heavy-hitter, and he was into asking all the big questions, especially the questions about the meaning of life and death. This book, which included poems by Wordsworth and his good pal Samuel Coleridge you might remember him from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" was a total game-changer.

What are three examples of figurative language in the poem "We are Seven"?

In the preface to Lyrical BalladsWordsworth sets out a new theory of poetry, which emphasized clear, direct language instead of the fussy, complex language favored by poets like Alexander Pope that the common man and woman could enjoy. Wordsworth wanted to penetrate right into our hearts and feelings; he wanted poems to be pleasurable; he wanted to reach what he called "the naked and native dignity of man.

In our humble, Shmoopy opinion, "We Are Seven" does just that. The poem tells the story of a man talking to a young girl about her family. Though two of her siblings are dead, and only four are alive, she insists over the protests of the man that she and her brothers and sisters "are seven" in total. The man, however, thinks that they are only five. He thinks that the dead just don't count. Through this dialogue, we come to understand that the girl and the man think about death differently.

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And as we read, we begin to wonder if, in fact, the child is way smarter than the old dude talking to her. Children just might understand the meaning of death way better than we grown-ups do. It's written in ballad form, its language is unpretentious and straightforward, it asks the big questions about life and death.

What more could you want from a poem? They say that there are only two things that are certain in life: death and taxes. And let's face it: taxes make for pretty dull poetry subject matter. So, a ton of poets take on that other certainty: death. While death is certain in all of our lives, how we think about death is not; there are probably as many ways to think about death as there are ways to die.

The cool thing about the poem is that it focuses not so much on what happens to us when we die, but on how death affects those who are still living.

we are seven poem questions and answers

How should we think about our lost loved ones? What kind of presence do they have in our lives after death? If you've ever come close to asking those questions yourself, you're in luck.


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